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Testimonials about Michele S. Kay and Fine paintings conservation

“I have known and worked with Michele Kay for over thirty years.  Her expertise and skill makes her a superb choice for paintings conservation projects, ranging from the straight-forward to the difficult and complex.  I recommend her highly.”
Robert Simon
Robert Simon Fine Art
New York, NY

“The conservation and repair of Old Master paintings is a delicate art. It demands a sensitive and sure hand. And because one works with paints that were mixed within the studio from raw materials, but not produced in a manufacturing plant, the matching and retouching of colors is a particularly difficult task. And the restorer is constantly faced with the question of what is not enough and what is too much. In all of these tough choices Michele Kay has proven to be a superb restorer with an unfailing and loving eye for detail and what is required for each individual work of art. She has by her professionalism brought many of my Old Master paintings back to life.”
Gui Rochat
French Old Master Paintings and Drawings
New York, NY

“I have known Michele Kay for over 20 years and witnessed many transformations. She is consistently conscientious, taking very seriously the artist's intent, the fragility of the support and the changes of the pigment. She works carefully and skillfully to bring back the painting as it was meant to be seen, never imposing her personality, never overpainting, inpainting minimally, and applying varnishes differently to suit the surface of each work of art. She always does stellar work.”
Mia N. Weiner
Old Master Drawings and Paintings
Norfolk, CT

"We have known and worked with Michele for 18 years. Her work is consistently expert and her ability to revive an Old Master painting is quite superb. She is conscientious and conservative & the works are never over cleaned nor is there ever any blatant evidence of in painting. Her color sense is perfect, having the ability to imperceptibly conserve passages where paint has been lost.
Michele imbues her "patients" with new life and the works always just look fresh and just as the artist intended them to.
Michele has worked on paintings for us on a variety of surfaces - canvas, wood panel as well as copper and each and every time we get something back from her, the resulting conservation is always flawless.
We would recommend Michele to conserve irreplaceable treasures without reservation."
Alessandra Suida-Manning Dolnier
Kurt A. Dolnier