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Michele S. Kay opened her studio in Westchester County, New York in 1992 to provide museum-quality paintings restoration and conservation services. As a practicing professional in this field for over 30 years, her technical background, expertise in both new and old-world restoration techniques and materials, and artistic sensibility, make her highly qualified to treat a wide array of European and American paintings from Old Masters to Modern Art. Each painting is carefully examined to assess its condition. Whether it is varnish that is aged and yellow, paint film that is cracked, lifted or missing, a canvas support that is torn, distorted or damaged, or a myriad of other problems, a conservation treatment is specifically designed to preserve the structural integrity and restore the visual appearance of the artwork. Ms. Kay is highly skilled in her craft, conservative in approach, and dedicated to providing the highest quality care for each work of art.

Her clients include private collectors, art dealers, institutions and museums.

Clients are advised on all procedures and provided with a treatment report and photographic documentation.

Before and After
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Claude-Joseph Vernet (French 1714-1789)
"Grotto of the Nymph Egeria"

Giovanni Gioseffo Dal Sole (Italian 17th century)
"Mary Magdalene"

"Peasant Boy with a Hat"
Dutch school, artist unknown

"Band of Gypsies Celebrating"
Artist unknown

James Webb (English 1825-1895)
"Harbor Scene"

Jacques Stella (French 1596-1657)
"Flight out of Eygpt"

Johann Henrich Schoenfeld (1649-45)
"Alexander the Great Offering Campaspe to Apelles"

Pier Francesco Foschi (1502-67)
"Madonna & Child with St. John"

Leon Jean Basile Perrault (French 1900)
"Peasant Girl Holding a Sleeping Child"

Dionisio Calvaert (1540 – 1619)
"Holy Family with Two Angels and Saint Elizabeth"

Luca Forte (Italian 17th century.)
"Study of Fruit"

William Oliver (British 19th century)
"Girl with a Seashell"